Global Asset Allocation

We believe in the value of diversification. We allocate long-term capital modeling leading endowments. We seek value investment opportunities.

Global Wealth Management

We manage alternative investments for institutions.
We manage wealth for family offices.
We provide Internet based investment products to individual investors.

Global Team

We are the first generation, China born and US educated, global investor. We are the pioneers of combining financial technologies and global investments . We are the ambassadors to bridge the gap between Asian investors and global markets and vice versa.

CEO Jerry Wang

Jerry exemplifies our multi-culture, cross-disciplinary team, starting his career as software engineer at previous Internet bubble and starting allocating capital globally during Global Financial Crisis.

Global Investors

We are funded by global investors, including leading venture capital funds, super angel investors, Tim Draper, Joanne Wilson, Gavin Ni, etc. and entrepreneurs, Alibaba co-founder, VIP Shop co-founder, etc.

  • ChinaGrowthCapital
  • IDG资本
  • PreAngle
  • 明势资本
  • PRE Ventures
  • Palm Drive Ventures
  • TEEC天使基金
  • Innospring

Global Partners

We partner with leading financial institutions, including banks, trust companies, securities firms, wealth managers, private fund managers, custodians and fund service providers to provide the best global financial and investment services.

  • 招商银行
  • 东亚银行
  • eastwest
  • 中伦
  • 汉坤
  • 海问
  • 朝阳永续
  • 随手记
  • 鼎晖投资
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Patch of Land
  • 易宝支付